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Gas Station
Broward County, US

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5001 N State Rd 7, Tamarac, FL 33319, USA
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Do not come here. I just got off from work and needed to out gas quickly. I got my 24$ (two in tens and 4 in singles) and got down. I got a chocolate and went to the register, he charged me 2.99 for the chocolate and I proceeded to count the money in front him and then handed it over and said put the rest in #4. When I put the gas, it stopped at 12$ and I went inside and said hey, I gave you 24$ What happened? This man said no you gave me 15. One 5) bill and one ten dollar bill. Immediately I said put the cameras im calling the police. In front of 5 other people waiting to pay, I basically forced him to put the replay all while he stalled so some people would leave but no after 5 minutes of him trying to find the footage that literally had happened minutes before, everyone saw me count the money and him purposely trying to hide it afterwards. The scum of the earth, you can tell this trash was scamming so many other people.

4 months ago

I am not from the area, I had got off the highway because my tire Light went on, went to the machine to put air and it was not working. So I had asked the guy in the tire shop hey the machine isn’t working is there a way I can get a little air ? Dude said I had to pay him $10 to put air lol

a year ago

Dishonest cashier. Price was 2.29 i had rewards card making gas 2.24 he ignored my request to enter reward card and had to do transaction over with attitude. When I went outside to pump it read 2.24 when I lifted had he changed price to 2.49 hoping I didn't notice. I went inside to tell him he caught an attitude again and said I don't know what to tell you maybe it's machine and refused to change price when I asked him for my money back he started yelling at me and telling me no when I threatened to report him and call the police he went into the register and threw my money at me. This location should be reported and shut down do yourself a favor and pay attention to your gas pump prices before and after you pay. This location is nothing but scammers!!!!

6 years ago

I just filled up at pump number two. I stopped pumping at $15 and when I looked up after hanging it back up I realized the meter was still running. The cost kept increasing for another minute at least. Do not use this gas station!!!! The final charge said $16 and change supposed 5 gallons plus, but when I looked at my gas gauge I went from 0 miles to 74...I get near 30 miles a gallon....so it over charged me and underfilled. Pump 2 is a ripoff

2 years ago

Unfortunate to run into a cashier who likes to put in whatever price he wants you to pay, tells you that you must pay his price even after correcting him, and refuses to correct his mistake. My suggestion? Listen to the customer. Buyers beware: triple check the transactions before accepting.

3 years ago

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