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4319 W Clara Ln #299, Muncie, IN 47304, USA
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PuriClean has two great customer service oriented workers named Joe and Courtney. I had an emergency flooding situation while caring for my Dad at the hospital. Joe and Courtney immediately addressed my concerns with the flooding and mold situation with a sense of urgency. Joe and Courtney were professional throughout the process while understanding the need for my schedule to be flexible with attending to my Dad at the hospital. I really appreciate the two going over and beyond to answer my questions and address my concerns. Joe and Courtney were friendly and great listeners! Joe and Courtney needs to be recognized for their customer service excellence with completing excellent job! Thank you Joe and Courtney! It was all honor to meet and be able to work with you both!

10 months ago

I know I can't see how dirty the ducts running inside your floors and ceilings are but I want to keep them clean for the health of my family. The staff was super friendly and flexible when setting up the appointment. And once they got to my home the two men were careful, professional and cleaned up after each vent. I was floored by how disgusting our HVAC vents are! I keep a clean house- have zero carpet (allergies, asthma & pets=perfect storm) I have a house cleaner come religiously every 2-weeks (for the last 6 years) my Roomba runs daily (sometimes 2x a day) and I still vacuum extra when needed. They even got gravel out of my downstairs vents.These are in my house- before and after and the guys doing it- PuroClean by Osborn did a fabulous job! I am so happy with their work!

3 years ago

*DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR INSURANCE CLAIMS* We had a flood from a broken washer in January 2018. Nationwide is our insurance provider, and insisted that the whole process would be much easier for us if we used their preferred contractor, PuroClean of Muncie. Additionally, they said there is an additional 5 year warranty added for using Nationwide's contractor. We reluctantly agreed, as we had never heard of them, and knew other damage contractors that had been recommended. From the start, communication was limited and strained at best. We are small business owners ourselves, so we can understand being overworked and underpaid. We worked with them the best we could, and they worked with us when they had time. We were patient, understanding, and compassionate with them during the whole process. Many of the PuroClean employees we worked with, were the same, sans the owner, who we saw once or twice the whole time (again, understandable). However, the subcontractors they hired were of the WORST quality. They left trash and cigarette butts in our home. They injured one of our cats through incompetence (which caused hundreds in vet bills). They did not fix all of the damaged walls, they simply patched huge portions, which only became obvious years later. The did not prime before painting. They damaged antique original baseboards. We complained to PuroClean and asked for the errors we noticed to be fixed prior to us signing the completion. They came back and did a half hearted attempt at covering up some mistakes. By that time, exhausted from months of delays, months of our home is disarray, and being overwhelmed, we signed just to be done with it all. Fast forward to March 2022. We had new flooring installed upstairs, unrelated to this damage. This flooring contractor noticed our downstairs flooring, and mentioned how he had a lot of issues with it. I showed him how it had started to peel where there was surface moisture from animals, even though it was supposedly “water proof”. He said the company is no longer making it because of this issue, and that he was able to file warranty claims to have it replaced. I contacted PuroClean immediately to see about this. They sent out Billy. Friendly guy. He inspected and took pictures. He agreed that it should not have happened, and that the flooring was not the quality it was said to be. He said he would follow up with Nationwide and us. Then he said they couldn’t locate our records, so I located them and sent him the information needed. Weeks went by. No contact or update. I would try checking in and get short answers basically saying still waiting. Months went by. I finally was able to get ahold of Nationwide, who then referred me to their contractor connection third party company. They took weeks to review, and said that PuroClean says their warranty is for only a year, and therefor will not cover replacing the flooring. That was just today, July 27. 4 months later. And still never heard anything back from PuroClean themselves. Regardless of the warranty dispute, the absolute worst communication from any company I have ever experienced.

a year ago

I was amazed with the prompt arrival, and the technicians vibrant personality. Very professional, polite and well mannered. Courtney Wright made a rough day a whole lot brighter! I will recommend Puro Clean to everyone. In today's world it's hard to find a Company that will actually do what they say they will and have such an impressive employee. She went above and beyond. Merry Christmas Courtney and Puro Clean. You made my holiday a lot brighter!

2 years ago

Courtney and Morgan did an amazing job. They came in with smiles on their faces and after all their hard work they left with smiles on their faces. They communicated details as they assessed the damage all the way thru the process they needed to get completed on phase one. These two ensured we were well taken care of and I would trust them to get the job done again. Highly recommend.

2 years ago

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