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601 Borough St, Kaysville, UT 84037, USA
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In early February, Northern Utah had experienced below freezing temperatures. One of my pipes froze and busted in my basement. Causing a tremendous amount of damage. Almost 6 inches of water covered the entire basement. So I had reached out to my insurance and they had recommended Paul Davis restoration. At first I thought the communication between Paul Davis and I was a positive one, they assessed my house. They got started as soon as I paid a deposit they quoted me a time frame of 4 months that it would take to finish the job. They said around the end of May early June is when they could be completed with the job. Once May had approached, I realized that they would not be completed by May. When I talked to Riley Sparks (My site manager) he quoted me end of June early July as you may have guessed things got backed up even more as Riley Sparks slowly fell off the face of the Earth in communication and they were not completed with the job until mid August. I have spent almost 7 months. Out of my house when he finally sent the text that the job was complete. I went over, and got the city to turn the water back on. The city had reached out to me to expressed concern that when they turned the water on at my residence, it was coming out at 50 gallons a minute which is abnormal for a home. They immediately turn the water back off when I had visited my home, the basement was flooded yet again. Paul Davis never fixed the pipe that had caused the problem to begin with when I reached out to Riley he told me that he assumed the pipe had been fixed and that it was my responsibility because I did not call the plumber. Looking back over my estimate from my insurance it shows, plain as day, that they had paid Paul Davis to fix the pipe/hose bib. And now, as I’m writing this review, I think to myself what did Paul Davis actually do? The whole point of them was to fix the pipe and restore my Home back to its Original state. Paul Davis is being paid for a job they did not complete. While I’m stuck like a teenager in my mother basement.

4 months ago

Paul Davis Restoration of Utah is a Great company. Please allow me to share why I feel this way. Prior to my recent experience with them I had no exposure to this company. I did see their marked vehicles while driving through my community, but really didn't know what types of services they provided. Well my wife and I were within four hours of leaving on a out of state trip when we discovered we had an issue with a broken plumbing pipe in our home. We cancelled our trip, contacted our homeowners insurance company who gave us a list of preferred providers, which Paul Davis was one of them. We chose to go with Paul Davis and let me just say, that was the best decision and choice we could have ever made. From the moment that we received a call back from a member of the Paul Davis Team we were nothing short of amazed at the level of their responsiveness and customer service. Each and every member of their team treated us with the upmost respect, they kept us informed as to what they were doing, why they were doing it and what the outcome would be. We literally sat back and watched them work very hard at getting our house fixed and put back together. And the finished product has left us in a state of awe. Thanks Paul Davis Restoration. We highly recommend this company to anyone who needs a job done correctly,

3 weeks ago

For being a mold and restoration company, they did a terrible job at removing all of the mold. They removed a portion of the wall and then sprayed some solution on the mold. I later went downstairs and removed a portion of the wall just 1 inch away and found the black mold to span 2ft past that area. They weren’t thorough. I ended up doing most of the cleanup myself. Then, the project manager had promised he would give us a quote about restoration for the basement… we waited for weeks. He told us he was waiting for insurance to contact him but when we chatted with our insurance agent, he said he was never contacted by Paul Davis. The project manager finally had contacted us and said he would be out that week to begin working. After calling back to see what day they planned to come and start work, he said that this job was actually not worth it for their company to do because my insurance wasn’t going to pay out more than what the job was worth. Terrible communication which led us to sit around for weeks waiting around for someone to help fix our basement when we could’ve spent time getting quotes elsewhere. The project manager also said he would help us ‘fight’ the insurance company to get us the best outcome, that did not happen. Terrible quality of work done by mitigation. I don’t need a follow up by the company apologizing or making excuses. I’d go elsewhere if you’re looking for someone to handle flooding, mold, and restoration for your home.

3 weeks ago

Paul Davis has wasted about a month and a half of our time due to poor communication, lack of follow-up and broken timelines on the restoration process after we had a flood from a bathtub. I was clear and honest with the work I needed done and the work I wanted to complete myself from the start and now it just isn't worth their time. If they had an issue with this from the beginning, I would have managed the project myself.

a week ago

Morgan Griggs, my Paul Davis project manager, was a delight to work with. He was most courteous and professional and very responsive to my phone calls and texts. Morgan assembled a wonderful team of sub-contractors who, under his supervision, did excellent, professional work. Brianna Cortes in the Kaysville office sent me flash updates on a regular basis and was always available to walk me through the finances. This is the second time I've worked with Paul Davis, and they are amazing. I've already referred Paul Davis to a friend!

2 months ago

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