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Maricopa County, US

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1205 S Rural Rd, Tempe, AZ 85280, USA
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  • Comentarios (5)

I come here every morning for coffee because it’s close to my house, I always do a mobile order. I love some of the people who work here as they are very respectful and kind.. Unfortunately there has been a few times where the manager ‘Norma’ has done my order and is very rude to me whenever I come. I have let it go numerous times but today I’ve had enough. My husband went inside to pick up our order and she told my husband to go in the drive thru because she doesn’t want to attend him in the lobby because she’s busy. She said it in a very nasty way and my husband didn’t deserve to be treated like that.. I never leave reviews but her attitude needs to be fixed.

in the last week

Gotta shout this on rooftops. I've worked quick serve ( never McDonald's,yet) you Google jack in the box I left. I get five stars with my team...or did. Phenomenal job all around by the team here. Cordial at the counter , food timely. Most importantly....I stopped before finishing a simple BOGO spicy McChicken deal after a light rail ride and skateboard roll. I bring this up. Because ....chicken that goes beyond time(critical) can not snap or be juicy, in a rush... Haphazardly placing on buns...poor presentation...yet messy. Not here! As middle aged man and life long McDonald's man.....I say go here. They do it right.💪😎🙏

9 months ago

By far the rudest experience I’ve encountered it started all because I wanted to use the McDonald’s app, the guy at the window was rude when I told him I had a code he then went on saying that my code didn’t work so I asked if he could scan it he said no paying full price was not the issue his tone of voice was so that’s when I asked for a manager, that’s when Fransico the shift manager approached the window and rudely said “what ! What do you want!” I mean no wonder the employees feel entitled to be rude to customers their leader was quiet disgusting himself instead of apologizing he began to disrespect me and make inappropriate comments I asked if he was corporate or franchise he refused to provide that info I asked for his gm name and he said he was the general manager that’s when another employee apologized for his nasty behavior and stated he was lying he’s just shift leader. I myself was a McDonald’s employee a few years ago and I know for a fact that this behavior is unacceptable Fransico needs to be fired and your employees need to be trained correctly!!

2 months ago

747am may 4 2023 I was just told that I have no choice but to place the order through the kiosk. I shouldn't be forced to use the kiosk if I don't want to. They are intentionally ignoring us as this register because they want us to use the kiosk. We want to order at the register not take our own orders. Now that I've went back to the line to wait to have my order taken, the lady gladly came to help an older Hispanic lady and man with no issue and did not refer them to the kiosk once. After those two customers she took my order without Hassel. Is that bias? I don't know. But it's not fair. I was given a cold Hasbrouck and when I ask for another she said it just came out and gave me another cool one. People walking in and going straight to the bathroom and leaving. In and out transients. Very dirty lobby. People smoking in patio area, sitting on railings with feet on the eating table. Also People smoking directly outside the door. Random bags litter tables. It's more like a homeless day center. I have no problem with it but can you run it right. People coughing and sneezing in open air around you food. People sleeping. Spitting on the patio. Going out to smoke cigarettes after hanging out then going back inside to resume chilling. This place is out of control.

7 months ago

They like to used the microwave to reheat up the pre made burgers 10:45am crew they come out hard and nasty I will not be going back again them burgers should have been fresh yall just switched from breakfast somebody is being lazy!

6 months ago

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