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1987 reviews
Denver County, US

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4020 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80204, USA
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Absolutely inedible food. Patty was rock hard, no chance it’s less than 4-5 hours old. Bun was stale? And cold? No idea how this burger is ice cold when every single surface it touches is HEATED from the second it leaves the freezer. This tells me this was just sitting out nowhere temp controlled. My stomach is churning as I type this. I know for a fact that single bite is going to make me vomit very soon.

2 months ago

As far as Irish Burger establishments go, this one leaves you wondering where the traditional Irish dishes have gone. They seem to focus now on hamburgers, chicken discs and the accompanying french fries lately. They make decent street sandwiches and have inventive seasonal variations for you to try once, before returning to your favorite selection , every time. All in all the place gets the job done and rather quickly. So it remains as our first of the last options, when absolutely no other food is as available or this convenient.

a week ago

Food is good, however tge serve/employees are very rude. And they pretend they don't speak English. It takes them several minutes to even come to take the order, even if you stick your head back and yell. On top of that we order food and a Mexican lady will come tell you you have 30 minutes or she will call the cops. Service is by far the worse I've ever seen. Smh 🤮🤯😟

a week ago

I would give it no stars if I could. This is by far the WORST costumer service I’ve ever experienced in my life. We came through the drive-thru on 05/29/2023 at 11:00pm the lady ANGIE that was taking our order didn’t let us finish at the speaker she rushed us into saying “is that it” “come to the window” when my husband told her repeatedly we weren’t done yet. When we got to the window again with her attitude we finally finished placing our order with her mocking us && laughing to our faces. We gave her 25$ cash && told her we were doing the rest on card for our 37.00 order. She then charged me on my card && said my card never went through when I showed her the receipt on my phone she told us it’s not her fault we are stupid. I told her I was going to report her to corporate && then she said our food was free since my card “never went through “ avoid this location avoid yourselves a bad time

6 months ago

This is the worst mcdonalds in the United States. I've been to at least 35 states. And had mcdonalds in all of them. I ordered food tonight and was conned out of a shake. And had the worst big Mac of my life, there were so many sauces (like someone poured a whole bowl of sauce). Nasty. The hot and spicys were inedible. I want a total refund. And I will die trying to obtain it from you Colfax ghetto rubbish mcdonalds.

in the last week

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