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Orange County, US

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8475 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL 32809, USA
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Today I received roaches legs in my order of nuggets... so nasty we couldn't eat anymore of course! I hope somebody do an inspection in this location. This is the last time Im buying anything from here. Sorry do better please.

5 months ago

Tables were dirty. The wait was long . Emoyees were walking around and having sideboard conversations with customers standing around Disappointing experience 😕

2 months ago

Went into McDonald's and they had kiosks to place your order. They don't work for me because I don't have the pressure due to an injury. The guy at the counter told me not to worry, he'll place my order. How nice! The pancakes were cooked when my order was placed. Pancakes freshly made are delicious.

a month ago

Named the largest McDonald's in FLORIDA !! && they held to the name 2 story building With a huge playplace taking the whole 2nd story Serving real ice cream by the scoops & also makes & serves PIZZA!! Yea you read that right A MCDONALD'S THAT SERVES PIZZA!! PRETTY SWEET!

6 months ago

Normally it’s pretty easy going here and straightforward. Last time I was here two weeks ago another lady with short hair was at the window and she was friendly and a great communicator. She works at both dunkin and McDonald’s and deserves a raise. She is wonderful. This week they have a new worker with a straight ponytail and strong accent, and she has some of the worst customer service skills I have ever come across. This is coming from someone who worked in customer service for many years. I clearly stated my order number and described the food too, yet she still repeated the wrong number back and I had to correct her. Then when we pull up, she rings up an entirely different number/ order type and over charges me. I tell her superior who is at the next window, and he informs her and we can hear her yelling complaining in the background. So professional right? Then she still brings out the wrong order and when I tell her again she rolls her eyes and catches an attitude making rude faces. Not to mention she tried blaming me as if I were in the wrong in front of her superior and then blaming me again when bringing out the wrong orders. If you’re that confused about what order number it is just listen to the fact that I literally described what type of food/ biscuit I wanted it’s that easy. Then when she finally brings the correct order she mumbles the most insincere flat “sorry” while still looking away and an angry look on her face like she was told to say it but didn’t want to. Now that I have my food, it’s not fresh and hot like usual and the coffee is watered down. I never get it that way and I feel she spitefully did that on purpose because she’s mad she can’t manage to do one of the easiest jobs in the world. Please bring back the people who speak good English at the cashier station… the people who don’t understand need to be in the back cleaning up. I have been in customer service so I much more sympathy for a worker that’s maybe having a bad day or brand new and confused but apologetic and sincere than someone who messes up multiple times and still doesn’t take accountability and comes back at the customer with the most ghetto attitude. We have all made mistakes at work before, but it’s how we respond to people and choose to fix them that matter most. Please educate this young lady on how to listen, ring orders up better, and to be polite and respect the customers or bring back the nice one with the short hair. Thanks!

3 months ago

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