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Farmacias Guadalajara

33 reviews
San Luis Potosí, MX

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Av. Constitución 2280-Int. 5, Santa Fe, 78350 San Luis Potosí, S.L.P., Mexico
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Terrible service. The person in charge requires the use of face masks even though it was warned that it is no longer mandatory. They suggest you buy one at the checkout area, and it turns out they only sell packages. Either it is updated with the instructions of the Ministry of Health, or it puts its face mask business elsewhere. I went to another branch (Av. Industrias) and without problems, so I reinforce my theory that what the lady wants is to sell the face masks no matter what. TERRIBLE SERVICE.

9 months ago

I have been buying a medication there for more than a year, and now it turns out that they have NEVER sold it, the cynicism of the pharmacy person, and still questioning me if I didn't buy it at the other pharmacy (savings) and answering sarcastically. What bad service this time from the pharmacy employees. And apart from everyone telling you that THEY HAVE NEVER SOLD IT, I have been buying my medicine there for years. And these kids are new. Bad Thank you Guadalajara, check your employees well.

a year ago

Little staff, bad attention makes them genius to serve so many customers, they don't like to take pictures, they ask customers to take pictures with their cell phones because the camera doesn't work, one asks them the prices of the memories and they say that if they are going to take them buy to look for it !!!! If they don't have staff, don't put so many services, the cashier didn't forgive the client in front of me a peso but I wanted to stay in debt! As ? I try to go to Guadalajara because of the price of medicines but unfortunately terrible service, terrible staff, terrible attention.

4 years ago

Terrible service, disastrous cashier since I told him that because of the contingency I couldn't go to the pharmacy to request powdered milk for my baby (so as not to leave her alone in the car), I asked him if he could request that it be I brought him to the cashier at the entrance and there I paid for it, he told me no that I had to go in and ask for it, I explained the situation to him for the second time, then a lady "in charge of the delicatessen" approached me and I commented on the situation again. And why couldn't I go in to the pharmacy area to request it and the cashier tells him "right, he has to go and order it?" and she tells him that yes, I tell them about the situation again and says let's see, let me ask, he goes into the aisles and gets lost, after a while he comes back and asks me, what kind of milk did he tell me about? I tell him NUTRIBABY 2 and he says no, I don't just have 1 and 3, I ask him any size? Whether it's 400g or 900g and he tells me no, I use the NATUBABY, I then ask him which branches have it so I can go get it and he makes me a getota, I told him it's better to leave it that way and I went to the SAVINGS PHARMACY.

3 years ago

Bad service from the workers if there are 2 or. 3 people are talking or they don't have change

9 months ago

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