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Gas Station
Madrid, ES

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C. Guadalcanal, Vallecas, 28031 Madrid, Spain
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  • Comentarios (5)

Large and good service station, they give you fuel. They have a good washing system and a large store with various products, there is a coffee area. \\They have Diesel, Diesel plus, Sp95 and Sp98 (there is Adblue and CNG) //There is no LPG (gas), nor chargers for electric vehicles. The staff's attention was quite good.

a year ago

Everything is very clean but the attention depends on the shift, some are very nice and others quite the opposite. When you ask them to pass on the loyalty or discount cards, because they already want to charge you and have to cancel, their expression changes, I repeat, it depends on what shift it is!

a month ago

I update the review, it's a shame. Today, July 14, 2023, I went to refuel as always at this station around 8:45 p.m. (I usually refuel about 4-5 times a month, always when I leave work). When I went to refuel, I left it at pump 13, where I always leave it. On the street of pump 3 (the central one) there was a large Shell refueling truck, refueling the pumps I suppose, and two cones that indicated that you could not pass there or refuel at that time. Until then everything is normal. The employee (at that time there was no one else at the gas station, it was just her) was talking friendly with the person refueling from the truck, and she saw me perfectly as I left the car and went to the store to pay in advance. She has continued with her animated conversation, ignoring both me and the 3 or 4 cars that have also arrived at the station and were preparing to fill up. I tried to enter the store, and the door didn't open, I stayed a couple of minutes waiting at the night checkout window in case someone came out, but nothing, no one appeared there. Behind me two more people. Since I didn't see anyone else, I approached the truck where this employee was still with the trucker talking and laughing with a conversation that seemed very interesting, I said "excuse me" once, and seeing that she shouldn't have heard me, I said He repeated "excuse me" a little louder. She, who must not have been amused that I interrupted the fascinating story that the truck driver was telling her, turns around, and I say, "The store door won't open. Should I pay at the night window?", and with a gesture Quite despotic and unpleasant, she tells me that these streets are closed for refueling... and I told her, "but I'm there at 13 (which doesn't have cones or anything to indicate that it's closed, like the 4 or 5 other pumps). where there were 2 other cars that had just arrived), you saw me arrive and go to the store", so she tells me, again with reluctance: "the station is closed, we have to wait 20-30 minutes". I was about to tell him that instead of chatting with the man in the truck, he should be attentive to his work to inform his clients that they cannot refuel, because it is not acceptable to see a person arrive with the intention of refueling, allow you to leave your car at pump 13, go to the store, not be able to enter and wait at the night cashier window, because there is not a single sign that informs customers that the station is under maintenance or otherwise. to be. But it wasn't just me, cars kept arriving and people doing what I did, and the employee without informing anyone, everything happened, and it seems to me that she did it on purpose. It's a shame, but it was my go-to gas station for years and with this employee's attitude I'm not going back. I also work in front of the public in a business and I am certainly not going to allow people to treat me with contempt or waste my time, because I never do that, under any circumstances. I completely understand that you cannot refuel at that time, but I consider that the employees' obligation is to inform customers. I decided to take a photo when I was leaving, and coincidentally I saw other customers without knowing what to do (the employee is right behind the column, to the right of the truck driver, she was still chatting with him when I was leaving)

5 months ago

dissatisfied with the behavior of the cashiers, they seemed like little girls making jokes while waiting to be served, without worrying about lowering their voice to insult X person, if I want to listen to pink sauce I put on telecinco

in the last week

How many liters of diesel do you want? I don't know, 39-40? You have to exactly. I do not know. About 40 liters. If it's less then what, will you refund me? Not. What? Goodbye. I will never come back here.

4 months ago

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