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Maley Swim School

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Madison County, US

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501 Lake Harbour Dr, Ridgeland, MS 39157, USA
  • Tuesday:
    15:00 - 19:00
  • Wednesday:
    15:00 - 19:00
  • Thursday:
    15:00 - 19:00
  • Friday:
    15:00 - 19:45
  • Saturday:
    11:30 - 15:30
  • Sunday:
    09:00 - 12:00
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  • Comentarios (5)

I love this swim school. My daughter looks forward to her lessons every week. We have only been enrolled for a year and I saw so much progress in 6 months. She is an older child but I also had a toddler enrolled. She is no longer enrolled but I will take her back once she becomes more interested.

2 months ago

Great staff and my daughter loves it. Please fix the WiFi. Cell phone dead zone for Verizon.

a month ago

My toddlers have been enrolled in swim lessons since July 2022, I was charged for the first weekend we enrolled although I asked for our start date to be August 6th due to our family vacation, I was told no. I paid for lessons that were not provided. I received a voicemail stating their class had been cancelled due to staffing shortages, however, I later found out the class was not cancelled, I was still charged their tuition. I called the office multiple times with no answer, I finally emailed to find out that I would be provided with a makeup token instead of refunded the tuition. We attended 8 lessons with Maley's and my children have not learned any skills, as Maley's does NOT hire trained swimming advisors, the minimum age to provide swim lessons to students at Maley's is 15. My toddlers are 2 and 3, I was told by the young swim instructor that they struggle to listen and pay attention to which I reminded her they are 2 and 3 years old. This past weekend both of my children tested positive for the Flu and Strep Throat, I asked to make up the class but was denied stating swim lessons is no different than cheer and soccer practice, however, there is a difference, I am paying Maley's for a service, therefore, an excused absence should be allowed to be made up, especially when children are sick. I offered to provide a doctors note but was denied. I tried calling the office multiple times again to be told their answering service was down so they did not know I was calling. I was finally able to connect with someone via email, but I have no idea who I was communicating with. We have spent hundreds of dollars with Maley's Swim School with no results. I am extremely disappointed in their lack of ability to provide decent service to our community.

a year ago

I loved my sons experience here over the summer! But it does take away from the warm experience noticing that the business didn’t even acknowledge the parent who had concerns for the lack of accommodations or training for children who may or may not learn differently than others.

a year ago

I registered my son for group swim classes 2 months before the swim lessons were to begin. He has Autism but is high functioning. I waited on communication to see what would be the accommodations for him but never heard anything. The first day of class , he was excited about the pool and needed someone to sit with him doing the class because in a 30 min class the students have to take turns in the water. My son cried a little because he wanted stay in the water most of time, but no melt downs or extreme behaviors. After the class I was confronted by the director Linda. Who informed me this was not going to work. He could switch to private lessons that are in the middle of the day between 1 and 3. When asked would it be a set time, she said it's no set time I just make the schedule , it's like a puzzle. I explained my husband and I work full time, she was offered to credit our account until we could find someone to bring him to private lessons. Then she said" maybe I should find someone with a pool outside to teach him." So at this point she basically didn't want him there. When asked why I wasn't notified before the first day of class , she states they get too many applications to look at them. So basically if you have the money you can take the class , until you need some type of accommodations. Linda did let me know they were not trianed to work with disabilities but they have students with disabilities but they take private lessons. How would I know that, it was never communicated. I felt as a business this was a example of poor communication and poor representation. Miley Swim school may be excellent in many areas but providing accommodations or support for students with disabilities they FAIL. The Director has a lack of awareness and compassion for students that have disabilities. I was able to get my son swim lessons some where else that is trained to work with everyone. Just to warn anyone if your child need extra support or accommodations this may not be the place for you.

2 years ago

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