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4201 Patterson Ave #5, Baltimore, MD 21215, USA
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Ride Date: 11/27/2023 I want to share the WONDERFUL transportation to and from my mobility interview. Both drivers; pickup and drop-off were professional,caring, and smart drivers. If there is any way they can get a copy of my email, please forward ot to them. Thank you, Denise Williams

a month ago

Driver is very late called the late line and the person on the phone was very rude and disrespectful and I was just trying to ask a question and started yelling at me after I ask them to stop coming off so rude to me . Last week I had a different driver who was yelling and cussing on the bus when I asked if it was anyone else that needed to be picked up before my drop off. They hire the most unprofessional people out here and they seriously need to do a huge overall and have high expectations for employees so less unprofessional people get hired and I'm tired of getting yelled at when I call customer service for no reason.

2 months ago

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I was on the Mobility bus on Wednesday August whatever the last Wednesday of August was and I was heading from my house in Loch Hill, Maryland to Cockeysville, Maryland to go to Valley View Farms and at first I was picked up by a van and mobility van by the way and he was kind and he was patient and everything…but the problem was that the time I suggested on the MTA app wasn’t when I was dropped off because I was dropped off at 12:15 PM when I was supposed to be dropped off at 1:15 PM. Then, when my job interview at Valley View Farms was over, I walked over to Dunkin’ Donuts that was in the plaza on the left side of the store Valley View Farms as it was over 90 degrees outside right? but when I came back to Valley View Farms for my ride home, I checked the app and it kept changing times from five minutes to 7 minutes and it finally got to the point where a bus Mobility bus came over and this guy was kind and asked my name and so I told him and he said he didn’t have me and that another bus was in the Pennsylvania Dutch market plaza so I walked over to try to catch that bus but the bus was getting ready to leave so by the time I caught up to it, I was already running after it going back to Valley View Farms and I had to yell at the bus “ hey it’s me I’m here!” And once I said that, they open the bus and brought me on, but I said, “where were you I was trying to find you” and the driver #3497 said they couldn’t find the address when I know myself for sure that the address in the app was the address for Valley View Farms , and not for the Plaza next-door so by the time I got home which was 4:30 PM even though I suggested on the app to get home at 4 PM, the driver dropped me off and said “ have a good day.” Which was all fine and good, but he then proceeded to come out of the bus in front of my house by the way and smoke a cigarette and leaned up against the bus for 25 minutes. So rude and so disrespectful and on the ride home he was cursing up a storm like saying the F word and a whole bunch of other expletives that I can’t say here and it just made me extremely frustrated because it was my first time using Mobility ever as an autistic person and now I don’t even think I will be using it again after this but we’ll see I honestly don’t know but MTA Mobility needs to fix it because it’s not fair to have people suggest times on the app to be dropped off or picked up and those times are not met.

3 months ago

My driver arrived to pick me up. I spoke to him politely 3 times. He ignored me. Driver asked me what address I was going to and started cursing profusely!! He did this the whole trip as well as cursing at other driver's on the road. Very rude and nasty attitude!! We had to pick up another passenger and he was rude to her also. The bus was cold so asked him could he cut the air down some. He told me the air was off in the back and that was his personal air!! I got picked in Timonium at 6:58!! Bus #3711!! Very Very nasty guy!!

6 months ago

People that work here are no nasty to be dealing with people with a disability. I mean every department from the dispatch to the drivers plan nasty customer service is poor. People talk with such disrespect .

a month ago

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