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Pontevedra, ES

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Praza de Barcelos, 24, 36002 Pontevedra, Spain
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My husband has complained about this place and for me, maybe one or two receptionists were/are cold (not just on the basement but on the first floor, as well) but in my experience being a new Adeslas client, the service is not bad. I called this center twice on different occasions and they picked up my calls and I didn't have to wait long. Rosa was in fact very accommodating. During consultations, I didn't have to wait either. If I did, just for 5 minutes or so. We'll see how it goes as time passes. I will definitely update my review if there'd be any changes. Update: 8/22 Dra. Maria Fernandez Rial - I've never seen a doctor so efficient and as fast as a lightning. She did all tests that she thought I needed. She was wonderful! She can even touch-type! A first!!! That's one of the ways especially for doctors (or anyone for that matter) to increase productivity. Dra. Antonia Mendez Vazquez - Since 2017, I've been to a specialist twice and have tried different products for bloating prescribed by other doctors and some natural products, but for the first time, a specialist seemed to hit the spot! Not by giving me meds but by asking me to stop eating some foods. Now, my belly's reduced in 4 days! I hope this is the beginning of a full recovery. A full "recovery" of my normal body. Thank you so much, Dra. Antonia! And oh, she can speak English! Allergist: Dra. Ana Rodriguez Fernandez. I've been to an allergist, two pulmonologists and they've given me inhalers left and right. Foster in particular caused mycosis (maybe it was even systemic mycosis which can be fatal). All those inhalers except Terbasmin made me feel worse. Thanks to Dra. Ana, Relvar made me feel better. So it seems what one pulmonologist who blindly diagnosed me as having asthma wasn't right after all! Mr. Alejandro Gonzalez Piñeiro. A long waiting list of 4 months! I don't need to convince you, do I? 😉 With just one session, I already could tell that he's a good one! Lesson learned: Don't just try one doctor's diagnosis. Go for a second opinion if you need to. There are gems in Adeslas and those names are some of them. Thank you very much!

a year ago

Called almost thirty times from Wednesday to Friday this week to schedule an appointment and not a single person answered.

3 years ago

Of pity. 15 days waiting for a consultation with Dr. Reguero. Lists for dermatology do not open until December. If you need rehabilitation, forget it. Is this private insurance? It never worked very well, but since the pandemic Adeslas is a pure disaster.

a month ago

It is already the third opportunity that I have given this center and its medical team, today with the traumatologist Esteban Prades my patience ran out...not only was his lack of empathy and little knowledge of acting, but even more so, criticizing everything what I told him about my illness. I DO NOT recommend this center to anyone!!

a month ago

A disaster, they don't want to work, the treatment is pitiful, they never answer the phone and on top of that, Adeslas as health insurance is working worse and worse. Better Social Security, tell me.

2 months ago

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