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Ciudad de México, MX

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Aeropuerto Internacional de la, México (Lic. Benito Juárez), Venustiano Carranza, 15620 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
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The staff could’ve been a lot more informative. There wasn’t much direction when we were arriving for a connection. Pushed into the baggage claim but after waiting a half an hour was told that the baggage was automatically transferred to the connecting flight which made perfect sense. Then again, not directed where to go for the connecting flight where to get the connecting tickets. Just could’ve been a lot more informative with the customers.

a week ago

Need to check a bag? Get here a full day earlier. Aeromexico has terrible system for checking bags. I got here early to check mine and was told to go another line from the check in kiosk I was at to pay for it. Why can't they accept payment there? Or let me add a checked bag online? I spent 40 minutes waiting on the line to pay for 1 bag. To make matters worse, I finally go thru security only for 2 pestle and mortars and 1 tortilla press we had in our carry on bags to be taken away by security. There were NO signs indicating that these items had to be checked by the airline kiosk. Incredibly heartbreaking to have these items taken away. I was offered a chance to go back and attempt to check another bag but was told I could lose my flight if I wasn't back in time. I wasn't even offered a gate check. I would happily have paid for another bag to safely transport these but I wasn't about to waste another 40 minutes while slow Aeromexico employees drag their feet. What a garbage system for checking bags. Hopefully the security staff will make good use of them at home.

2 months ago

Travellers pay 5x the price for business class, not just for a wider seat, but mainly to save time, and have a less stressful travel experience, so we don't waste half a day recuperating our energy. The terrible service of Aeromexico negated many of the reasons for flying business class and caused lots of unnecessary stress. Only the seat was satisfactory. The service is worse than Economy on many other airlines! This is for an international flight from JFK to MEX. - Online check in did not work. Wasted 1 hour on the phone, and they still couldn't fix it, so we had to get up at 3am to allow extra time at the airport. - At the airport, they made a mistake on our boarding passes, causing lots of stress and wasting 45 minutes to get fixed - Business lounge was far away from gate. Combined with the wasted 45 minutes this meant we had no time to have breakfast. We were starving by the time we got onto the plane. - We had to queue for a long time on the bridge, while carrying our stroller & hand luggage. With other airlines, you go straight from the lounge to your seat on the plane. - Seats were OK. But they were like seats on a domestic flight, not an international one (e.g. not lie flat) - Dirty & small restroom on plane - We checked our stroller at the gate. On arrival I asked the crew about my stroller and they were unhelpful. I had to ask 6 different people before finally someone went to check and get it for me. In the past, other airlines had it ready for me without asking, even when flying economy. - Unlike other airlines, checked luggage for business did not come out first. The time wasted waiting around for luggage negated one of the usual benefits of flying business class. I have flown business class on other airlines, and this is the first time I have had such a terrible, stressful experience. Many of the benefits of flying business class were negated. Choose another airline if you want a REAL business class experience.

5 months ago

panic after a water landing, and the flight attendants don’t manage to reach us with the child’s life jacket in time? the flight attendant by the name of Fernanda said they had life jackets on board, but refused to hand it out after we insisted several times. belts, she said, they do not even have on board. shocking!! before boarding (and before knowing about the lacking safety measures) we had seen at the check in machine that the seat next to us was vacant. we asked at the gate if this still was the case, but the officer told us the flight was fully booked. after take off, we counted more than 10 vacant seats, including the one beside us. we had a baby car seat with us which our 9 month old could have been seated much more safely, as well as more comfortable for the parents. you lied to us! after the flight we confronted captain Murio Quinn about his responsibility to passengers safety, to which he did not express any concern whatsoever, blaming it on Mexican regulations. We purchased the ticket because Aeromexico is an internationally operating airline and part of SkyTeam, and expect the same safety measures as on any other SkyTeam flight. please change your ways. until then we will beg all our friends with children to stay away from AeroMexico. The flight and experience otherwise was comfortable enough. Would wish for some more food other than a tiny bag of nuts on a 2h flight, though. But the flight was just ok. However, when safety comes first, we are afraid we will never fly this airline ever again.

2 weeks ago

This airline makes a killing on simply abusing the customers that are accustomed to the norms of other airlines. Disorganized mess at the Mexico City airport. Don't depend on the TVs for flight information. You apparently have to go ask at the customer service desk, maybe they know 20 mins before boarding. Flight delayed 2 hours? So sorry. Missed your flight because of the disorganized mess? Sorry, buy another ticket. Did you want to add a checked bag for your return flight? We thought so, can't do that. You will need to pay $120, take it or leave it. This airline is so backwards that the employees are hardened from so many complaints.

2 weeks ago

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